The Jr. Jaguar Football Organization is a Non-Profit Organization created to improve the football experience of Elementary and Middle School athletes in the Fort Zumwalt West District. The program is made up entirely of VOLUNTEER parents and adults who work to bring relevant skills and techniques to the Jr. Jaguar Football Players and Organization.


The purpose of the Jr. Jaguar Football Organization is to promote a positive environment in competitive youth tackle football, fostering character, teamwork and sportsmanship while preparing players for high school football.

Though playing time is earned, each player will receive equal coaching/teaching of the fundamentals of football rules, passing, running, kicking, blocking, and tackling. Playing time in games is up to the discretion of the head coach and his staff and will be dictated by the game situation and the safety of the player(s), assuming the player is in good standing with the team and has demonstrated acceptable effort and attentiveness in practice. Athletes that consistently show up to practices and work hard will receive more playing time than athletes who don't. We want to be very clear on this point so that you can determine if this meets your athlete's desires and expectations.